September 5, 2018

Business owners everywhere can thank Donald Burns for his innovative creation – magicJack. This concept has revolutionized the way businesses communicate, and it has led to a whole host of VoIP communications tools and services that connect businesses in an affordable and efficient manner. Thousands of companies switch from old analog phone services to a VoIP option each month, and the cost savings and flexibility inherent to a Voice over Internet Protocol system is undeniable. When it comes to improving business relations and communications, VoIP offers several distinct advantages.

Affordability – As businesses compete on an international scale, the ability to affordably communicate with vendors, suppliers, customers, and prospective clients is quite vital. But in the past, businesses had to settle for costly and inflexible long-distance calling plans that could quickly become unaffordable if the scale of communication was too large. The problem was, there were so few options available that companies simply had to grin and bear the charges. VoIP options generally work on a flat rate cost structure, and the additional “per-minute” charges are often so low as to be inconsequential to the average user.

Meetings anywhere – With VoIP, employees can engage in virtual meetings with peers or clients practically anywhere. A desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone can serve as the connection to the business, and this translates into a greater sense of flexibility for all users. Imagine trimming out the expense of monthly staff meetings – where traditionally you’d have to physically gather many individuals who may be dispersed over a large geographic area, and instead simply asking everyone to dial in at a predetermined time. This translates into time and money savings for all involved.

Better presentations – VoIP services often include file or screen sharing, which means that you can walk meeting attendees through a fully-featured presentation without having to invite them to the boardroom. VoIP users can put away their projectors, PowerPoint presentations, and white boards, and instead create virtual presentations that can engage and inform from practically anywhere.

Better Sound – When calls are completed over a VoIP connection, call clarity is generally improved over that of a traditional phone line configuration. Users can employ noise-cancelling headphones to exponentially improve sound quality, which then improves the experience for all listeners. Imagine the benefits of a crystal-clear connection when making a sales or marketing phone call. Or the ease of conducting a conference call when there is no appreciable background noise or interference. VoIP is the future of phone calls and presentations, and it can make for more productive business calls – regardless of the application.

Advancing technology continues to evolve the way businesses communicate, and VoIP telephone systems deliver the utmost in quality, affordability, and reliability. With access to Wi-Fi being a given these days in most areas, VoIP calls can be made with confidence and clarity. To provide your business with the ultimate in communication technology – all at prices that are absolutely unbelievable, consider a VoIP system today.