May 3, 2018
Phone Calls | Best Way to Get in Touch With an Old Friend

These days, most conversation happens on the Internet, with very few of us taking the time to pick up the phone and make a call. And even though we may feel like we’re keeping up on what everyone is doing using social media feeds, in reality, we may not really be talking to each other as much as we once did. Because of this, when you hear from someone out of the blue – it makes us feel extra special!

There’s just something nice about hearing the voice of a loved one or a good friend; it moves us. In this way, a quick phone call can really brighten someone’s day. But given the current state of much of our technology – between text messages and the fact that almost no one has preserved their basic phone service at home – the “friendly phone call” is rapidly becoming a fading memory of the past.

So what could be better than a phone call that puts you back in touch with someone you haven’t heard from in a while? The time you spend catching up on what’s been happening in each other’s lives, learning recent news, and sharing a laugh or a cry over the phone is good for your relationship. It can also benefit your sense of well-being, your heart, and even your soul.

Best of all – calling friends out of the blue, no matter where they may be in the world, is easy with magicJack!

Hearing Real Emotion

One of the biggest complaints we hear every day about the shift from phone to text and email is that it’s very difficult to understand tone and the emotions that may or may not be behind someone’s words.

Many misunderstandings, arguments, and fights that begin with a misreading of emotion or reading into the words in a text message or email could have been avoided with the technology we’ve grown to trust over the last century through basic phone service in the form of a landline.

Thanks to magicJack, calling friends on the telephone is easier and less expensive than ever, so you can have real, meaningful conversations from voice to voice. This way, you can understand the feelings and intentions of those you’re communicating with when you’re on the phone, with crystal clear quality – something that gets lost in a text message or email.

Connecting Over Distance

Reconnecting with an old friend or loved one through a real voice-to-voice conversation has the power to make the weight of both time and distance melt away. If you’ve grown accustomed to using texts and emails to communicate with loved ones a long way away instead of calling friends, you’ll be amazed at how much closer they feel when you speak to them on the phone.

In fact, you may not even realize the connection that’s been missing in your relationships if all your communication happens by email or text. Getting on the phone with your old friends and family will bring you closer together than anything else could, and a phone call is so much cheaper than flying across country.

Re-Connecting Is Easy With magicJack!

With magicJackHOME plugging you into to the world, it’s easy to reconnect with your old friends and loved ones. You’ll have clear and direct understanding of how those you care about are doing, and you will feel their care for you through the sound of their voice, in a way that no text message could ever convey.

Take the time today to make a phone call and connect again in the very real and meaningful way that only shared conversation between two human voices can provide with magicJack!