October 5, 2018
VoIP as Your Home Phone Service is More Reliable

We’ve told you in the past how to cut the cord. We published a blog post called Cordcutters Anonymous on the subject, arming you with the information you need to feel comfortable walking away from your traditional home service provider. But do you know the reasons why you should consider cutting the cord, other than cost savings?

In this post, we’ll walk you through what VoIP is, how it works, and we’ll give you the top reasons to use VoIP as your basic home phone service. Savings, it turns out, is still reason number one for most folks who are considering the switch, but there’s more than just savings standing out in the list of reasons to make the change to VoIP.

These days, some customers still believe that traditional telephone service through home service providers is more dependable or more reliable than new technology. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, advances in phone technology have made VoIP just as reliable as phone service through traditional home phone service providers, and the costs of VoIP are about the same or better than even the cheapest landline phone service out there.

What VoIP Is and Why Is It Cool?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, allows you to use the same Internet service that you’re already paying for to place and receive phone calls. Usually, this is done by using software or an easy-to-connect piece of hardware that lets your computer or WiFi serve as an access point to the phone network. VoIP uses the Internet to connect you with phone numbers, rather than relying on a traditional landline or home phone service providers.

Why You Should Consider VoIP for Basic Home Phone Service

Many families and businesses are switching from landline phone service providers to VoIP providers for their basic home phone service. The reasons to do so go well beyond price, but let’s face it – price is still the main reason for many people switching. Most customers can expect to see a savings of around $50 per month over what they previously paid their home phone service provider.

Other reasons to switch to VoIP include how easy it is to set up – unlike with the landline phone companies, you won’t have to schedule several days around the availability of a technician, who will then have to enter your home to complete installation.

The Cheapest Landline Phone Service Can’t Beat VoIP on Price

In today’s world of technology, VoIP has become just as reliable as traditional landline service. It is easier to set up than a new phone line and account with a traditional provider, and doesn’t require scheduling a technician to come to your house, forcing you to juggle your work schedule. Switching to VoIP requires minimal additional costs for special equipment, such as the very reasonable cost of the magicJack itself. But beyond all of that, the primary reason that VoIP is becoming the route of choice for more and more families and businesses is price.

VoIP phone service, with long distance and everything else included, still costs less than the regular basic rate for traditional landline service in many locations throughout the country.