• Impact of the VoIP ban in Morocco on the Economy and Entrepreneurship

    Morroco's VoIP Ban

    When a new technology emerges there are usually two distinct camps that voice their opinions – the adopters, and the resistant. Adopters are happy about the new technology and see the benefits quite clearly, while the resistant group is either unsure of the viability of the technology or – more likely, sees it as a threat to their business. On January 7th, 2016, the nation of Morocco effectively blocked most of the prevalent communications apps in use today.…

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  • 89 Illegal VoIP Centers in Nepal Have been Raided Since 2009

    Nepal Illegal VoIP Centers

    Panama taxes VoIP services. VoIP is prohibited in Guyana. India inflicts strict limitations on VoIP calling. Ethiopia has criminalized VoIP services. Morocco has effectively blocked it, and so has much of the Middle East. The motivation behind these blockages may seem cloudy, yet the answers are actually quite clear – follow the money trail. The majority of these nations maintain a centralized telecommunications organization, and VoIP is significantly eroding the profitability of these groups to the point where the government is seeing a major shortage in funding.…

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  • The Battle over VoIP in Africa and its Effects

    Africa's Fight over VoIP

    Across the vast continent of Africa, individuals and businesses alike are embracing technology at a rapid pace. From communication technologies and transportation improvements – to better ways to grow and harvest food items, Africa as a whole has become more technologically sound and more efficient as of late. One industry in Africa that has grown exponentially over the past decade is the communication and telecom field.…

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Egypt’s VoIP Block

    Egypt's VOIP Block

    Freedom of speech advocates and those in favor of privacy speak out against the sudden blockade of VoIP services in Egypt

    Over the past few weeks, Egyptians, young and old alike, took to social media to voice their surprise and distaste for what many individuals have called “invasive censorship” by the Egyptian government. They have launched a “Save the Internet” campaign through Twitter and Facebook, specifically targeting frustration and deep concern over an apparent blockage of established services that use VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol.…

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