November 26, 2014
stormy weather on a country road

The lights flicker, and you look up from your work, surprised. Just minutes ago the sky was blue, and the sun was bright. Now, it’s so dark that the streetlights are coming on. You see a glimmer of lightning and hear a low rumble of thunder – it’s time to get ready. As you dig out your flashlight and search for your matches, you breathe a sigh of relief that your phone will be safe. You’re using an uninterruptable power supply (UPS), which will protect your magicJack devices against electric surges and ensure you don’t miss any calls if the power fails.


Weathering the Storm

magicJack requires power to work, so if a storm blows you into blackout, you won’t have a phone – unless you have a battery backup. An uninterruptable power supply provides a simple, affordable way to keep your phone safe and connected, even during the strongest storms.

Uninterruptable power supplies are just that, uninterruptable. While there are many backup batteries available, most of them take time to boot up and start delivering power to your devices. But in the midst of a bad storm, time might not be on your side. Fortunately, UPS devices kick in as soon as the main power supply fails, meaning you won’t miss that call from mom telling you to head to the basement. You can grab your phone, head downstairs, and rest assured that you’ll be able to call your local emergency number or weather service, even if you lose power.


Avoiding an Overcharge

If there’s lightening in the sky, you should be on your guard against a power surge, a blast of additional electricity that can fry your electronics. Even in the mildest storms, a well-aimed lightning strike can completely destroy your magicJack device. Fortunately, most uninterruptable power supplies come equipped with surge protectors, so you don’t need extra equipment. One UPS provides protection from power outages and electrical surges.


Buying a Battery

Uninterruptable power supplies are both affordable and easy to find; many models are available for under $100. If you order online, you can have a UPS delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days. There are a number of different supply models available, which offer varying battery life and voltage capacities. If you use a computer for work or play, you might consider using one UPS to safeguard your magicJack and your PC. This way, you can protect both devices from electrical surges and immediate power down (which can cause computer data loss). Keep your phone available and your data intact with one low-priced device!


Going Mobile

While a UPS can keep your phone powered on during relatively short power outages, it won’t work if you’re without electricity for days. If you’re headed to a hotel or friend’s house while your local utility office rebuilds power lines or removes downed trees, take your magicJack with you! magicJack allows you to use your home phone service wherever you have a broadband connection, so simply plug it in, and avoid missing calls to your landline phone while you’re away. This is especially useful if you’re filing an insurance claim due to storm damage or have relatives who will try to get in touch with you after the storm. If you take your magicJack with you, you won’t miss crucial filing deadlines or make your relatives panic because you couldn’t pick up your home phone.

A darkening sky and flashes of lightning can be frightening, but if you have magicJack and a UPS, there’s no need to worry. Your phone will stay on if the power goes out, and if you have to leave the area, mobile magicJack means you won’t miss crucial calls.