November 16, 2015

Traveling abroad these days is made that much easier by equipping your smart phone with a full assortment of highly useful travel applications – Read on to learn more about our favorites:

  • FlightTrack Pro: Step one of getting to your destination is making sure that you arrive on time to the airport and that you keep up-to-date on potential flight delays or cancellations. This application provides real-time updates on international flights – covering more than 1,400 airlines and 3,000 airports. Alerts can be set up to push directly to your phone, minimizing the amount of time you’ll have to take to search for potential concerns.
  • TravelList: Packing is made that much easier with a little help from this easy-to-use application. It acts as a personal concierge, reminding you to pack all of the necessary items for your trip – even the ones that you are required to pack at the last minute. It will send you reminders so you do not forget your toothbrush or your charger at home, and the calendar function enables you to keep events organized and to create customized alerts.
  • Google Maps: Sure, this is an incredibly popular application that may already be on your phone, but there are few interfaces available today that provide navigational support in such an easy-to-use and concise manner as Google Maps. Even if you do not plan on driving when traveling abroad, you can use the Google Maps application to find public transit options, local tours, and more. 360° street views help when navigating new areas, and turn by turn GPS navigation with traffic updates can help if you choose to drive a car when traveling.
  • Google Translate: Unless you are perfectly proficient in the language of your destination country, consider downloading this handy application to your smart phone today. While you won’t want to use it as a primary communication device, you will have the ability to type a word or phrase into the application and Google Translate will audibly convert your inputs into a language of your choosing. The application will translate up to 58 languages via text, and 23 languages audibly.
  • magicApp: Easily solving the problem of using your smart phone during trips abroad, the magicApp application from magicJack eliminates the exorbitant costs normally associated with international calling. It enables unlimited calls to the US and Canada over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, and permits low-cost international calls, too. This application is available via the App Store or on Google play, and is available at no cost. A premium upgrade is available that adds a second line and text messaging capabilities. Communication capability is absolutely crucial when traveling abroad, and magicJack makes it quick, easy, and affordable to add to your existing cell phone.