• 7 Ways You Can Use SMS Text to Make Your Life Better

    businessman texting while traveling

    It seems that we are constantly on the hunt for ways to make our lives just a little bit better and more convenient. But did you know that SMS text messaging can do just that? SMS stands for Short Message Service and allows messages of 160 characters or less to be shared – primarily between mobile devices, but also through the web and even landlines.…

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  • The Language Family

    The Language Family

    January 20, 2015


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    woman speaking on telephone

    A famous account in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, says that all people on Earth originally spoke the same language. However, when these people made plans to work in concert to construct the tower in Babylon that elevated their own superiority over their deities, God thwarted those efforts by giving them different languages and sending them away from Babylon.…

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  • The History of Communication

    The History of Communication

    January 13, 2015


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    evolution of the telephone

    Animals do not use words, however they do communicate. Birds create unique calls and sing lovely melodies, and others use combinations of movements and sounds to communicate. Primates have a more advanced method of interaction that includes vocalization and gestures. Even so, humans are the only creatures to have an actual spoken language with words. The capability to form words from thoughts is a major element that differentiates humans from primates.…

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