• Cordcutters Anonymous

    cutting the phone cord

    As a Verizon customer, Robert was paying $1,200 per year ($100 per month) for landline phone service, but one spring, he decided to make a drastic change. He signed up for magicJack’s 30-day free trial, switched his current number to magicJack service, and started making and receiving all of his calls using the VoIP device. At the end of 30 days, Robert made the switch official, bringing his $1,200 per year expense down to a $35 annual charge.…

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  • Long Distance Love: 5 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship

    happy woman using cell phone

    Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to meet people who live hundreds and thousands of miles away, so long distance relationships are more common now than ever before. While modern technology makes staying in touch with a long-distance partner easier than it was a decade ago, long-distance relationships aren’t always easy to manage. The following five tips will help you build a healthy long-distance relationship.…

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  • Weatherproofing Your magicJack

    Weatherproofing Your magicJack

    November 26, 2014


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    stormy weather on a country road

    The lights flicker, and you look up from your work, surprised. Just minutes ago the sky was blue, and the sun was bright. Now, it’s so dark that the streetlights are coming on. You see a glimmer of lightning and hear a low rumble of thunder – it’s time to get ready. As you dig out your flashlight and search for your matches, you breathe a sigh of relief that your phone will be safe.…

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  • Soldier Stories

    Soldier Stories

    November 26, 2014


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    soldier with his family

    Ask any military family – deployment isn’t easy. It means being away from your loved ones for months and not speaking to them for weeks. Oftentimes, soldiers just don’t have the technology or time needed to call home. Still, military families make it work, and most will agree that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Once a family weathers deployment, they’re ready to weather anything.…

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  • Losing Your Lifeline

    Losing Your Lifeline

    November 26, 2014

    Mobile User

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    group of friends on cell phones

    If you have a cell phone, why do you need a landline? You don’t, according to the 40% of U.S. households that have ditched the landline in favor of cell-phone only communication (National Health Interview Survey). At first glance, a landline might seem like an unnecessary expense if you’re already paying a cell phone bill. However, life without a landline can get complex if your cell phone breaks, malfunctions, or is lost/stolen.…

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  • Frugal Living: 8 Tips for Reducing your Monthly Bills

    light switch being turned off

    In January of 2004, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that a gallon of milk cost about $2.88. Just ten years later, that same gallon costs, $3.67. It’s not just your imagination – prices are on the rise. Because of this, frugal living is becoming more and more important. The following eight tips can help you live more comfortably by cutting your bills.…

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  • Welcome to magicJack

    Welcome to magicJack

    September 30, 2014

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    burning money

    Welcome to magicJack!

    Everywhere we travel people know the name magicJack.  It’s truly amazing.  Just about anyone we run into, say the name “magicJack” and people immediately recognize us, whether it’s the Uber driver, hotel receptionist, young app developer, or recent immigrant.  They say, “I have seen your ads on TV for years.”  Thanks to nearly $100 million of marketing spend over the last 7 years we are blessed with a nationally recognized brand, one that stands for low cost, high quality voice service.…

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