November 26, 2014
group of friends on cell phones

If you have a cell phone, why do you need a landline? You don’t, according to the 40% of U.S. households that have ditched the landline in favor of cell-phone only communication (National Health Interview Survey). At first glance, a landline might seem like an unnecessary expense if you’re already paying a cell phone bill. However, life without a landline can get complex if your cell phone breaks, malfunctions, or is lost/stolen. If your cell phone is your lifeline and your only way of getting in touch with your support system in times of emergency, you won’t want to experience what happens when that lifeline gets lost. The following true stories demonstrate why you should have a landline for backup.


No Service, No Security

It was Saturday night, and Jamie’s two preschoolers were begging her for pizza, so she picked up her phone to order some. She dialed the number and waited expectantly for, “Thank you for choosing Dominos – will this be takeout or delivery?” Instead, she was surprised to hear a recorded message from her cell phone carrier. There was a problem with her service. Jamie didn’t have a landline, but fortunately her friend Anna was visiting. She borrowed Anna’s phone to call customer service. After several minutes on hold, the customer service representative told Jamie that the company’s systems were down; the problem wouldn’t be resolved until the following morning. Jamie panicked. Her husband was out of town, and it wasn’t safe to be home alone with two children and no phone. What if one of them got sick? What if someone tried to break in? Anna placed a hand on Jamie’s shoulder and insisted that everything would be fine. Anna had a landline, so she let Jamie borrow her cell phone for the night. If Jamie had a landline, she would have been able to have both pizza and peace of mind without depending on her friend.


Missing Phone, Missing Appointments

As soon as he heard Wal-Mart’s automatic doors shut behind him, John realized what he had done. While shopping for laptop accessories, he had placed his cell phone on a product display. Quickly, John turned around and rushed back to electronics – only to find an empty shelf. He inquired at customer service; no one had turned in his phone. Frustrated, John returned home to order a new phone, but it didn’t come in for four days. Because he didn’t have a landline, John was phoneless while he waited, missing several opportunities to increase his income by taking on side jobs. If John had a landline for backup, he could have forwarded his phone number and earned some extra cash.


Lost Phone, Lost Job

Amy was ecstatic. After waiting for months, she finally had a job interview – a phone interview to be held at the end of the week. The morning of the scheduled interview, she reached into her purse for her phone, and it wasn’t there. Panicking, she searched the whole house for hours to no avail. If Amy had purchased a landline, she could have called the company and asked to be contacted on her home phone for the interview. Because she didn’t, she lost the job.


Landlines Offer Phone Insurance

Paying for a landline you don’t use seems like a poor financial decision at first glance, but if you think of landlines like you think of insurance, rationalizing the cost becomes much easier. You pay for your life, health, and car insurance each month, but you probably don’t need these products on a daily basis. The same is true of landlines. You might not use them every day, but when your cell phone isn’t working, landlines offer security and peace of mind.

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