February 5, 2015
Happy Valentine's Day

Long distance relationships can be hard sometimes. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is romantic, platonic, or familial, it is tough – especially if one person is far from home. These gift ideas will help bridge the gap that the miles have put between you.

Gifts You Buy

In the Zone Necklace (modcloth.com)

This beautiful necklace features two clocks in this this vintage-inspired pendant. You can set one for your local time and the other for your friend or loved one. This is a great gift so you both can keep that timely connection.

Personalized Bobble Head (IntoU on Amazon.com)

Send a photo to this company and they will make a clay bobble-head figurine that looks like you. You personalize the details and then send it off. Your loved one will always be reminded of you – and your fun side – with this unique gift.

magicJack GO (magicjack.com)

When you care for someone who is far away, sometimes just hearing their voice can make you feel better. The magicJackGO allows you to make free local and long distance calls in the U.S. and Canada and low rates on international calls. It also offers free voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and more. And calls between two magicJacks are free!

USB Cassette Mixtape (milktape.com)

The mixtape is back! Well, an updated version anyway. This mixtape is actually a USB in disguise. It is compatible for both PC and Mac and holds about 15 songs (128 MB). It works just like a regular flash drive, drag and drop the songs you want on there, personalize the tape and cover, then send it on its way.

Personalized Novel (yournovel.com)

Put yourself and your significant other in your own personalized novel. The two of you are the stars of the story, which can be customized from romantic to action to funny. It is a great way to share a new experience when the miles seem far between you.

Gifts You Make

Handprint Long Distance Hug

Trace and cut out your handprints and attach one to each end of a long piece of ribbon (2 – 3 feet). Place cut-out paper hearts at various points along the ribbon and include a note letting your loved one know that you are sending them a hug. You can decorate the hearts and write loving sentiments on them and write a sweet message on the hands.

“Open When” Cards

Get a bunch of greeting cards for different occasions and write personal messages to the other person. As you put the cards in the envelopes, write instructions on the outside of the envelope for when to open them: Open When You are Sad, Open When You are Lonely, Open When you Need to Feel My Love. Get creative and come up with some “open when” times of your own. You can even include little trinkets, photos, and other small things in them.

Care Package

Care packages are one of the most popular gift ideas for loved ones who are far away. The key to sending a great care package is to put as much stuff as you can in the box without making it too heavy. Dress up the box with colorful paper and fun notes. Try to include some things from home, especially if those things are not accessible at their location.

Postcard Pillow

You can buy these online, but it is super easy to make one. All you need is a travel pillow, some ribbon and a fabric pen. Tie the ribbon around the middle of the pillow. On one side write the person’s name and address. On the other side, write your message. They will love the whimsical, fun way you have of reaching out to them across the miles.

“52 Reasons” Card Book

A deck of cards, some construction paper and binder rings make this adorable book. Cut out pieces of paper and write messages on them then glue them on the cards (leave some room around the edges so that the card shows through). Punch holes in the cards and use binder rings to hold them together. You can do several themes: 52 Reasons I Love you, 52 Reasons You’re Special, 52 Reasons You are Awesome. Go ahead. Get creative!

Have you ever had a long distance relationship? What did you do to let the other person know that you cared? Do you have any fun or novel gift ideas? Share your experiences in the comments below.