March 31, 2015

Great travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are tons of deals and bargains worldwide for travelers in 2015. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best destinations, both in the U.S. and internationally, where you can expect to find significant savings on everything from accommodations to attractions. We’ll also pass on a few tips as we go on how you can save even more.


Montana – Visitors to the Big Sky Country can expect breathtaking views and lots to do. Many mountain cabins and cottages are sprinkled about and have very reasonable rates, many for less than $90 a night. Hotels are reasonably priced as well. National parks like Glacier and Yellowstone provide a bounty of wildlife watching and communing with nature.


Orlando – Yes, Walt Disney World, Orlando’s star attraction, can be a bit on the expensive side, but there are ways to save and still enjoy the fun. Orlando is consistently in various rankings for more affordable vacation destinations so go for it. You can save some cash by only hitting one park per day, staying off-property, visiting at off-peak times, and looking for money saving park promos.


Texas Hill Country – The Texas Hill Country, around San Antonio and Austin are beautiful, entertaining places to visit, and also easy on your wallet. These two cities specifically are slated to open several new hotels in 2015, so the area will be rife with travel deals. Go visit and enjoy the rich history and culture, arts, and nightlife. Plus, in true Texas spirit there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.


Washington, D.C. – D.C. is a surprisingly family friendly and budget friendly place to visit. True, lodging in the District can be expensive, but if you choose a hotel in Maryland (such as College Park, Laurel, Silver Spring) or Virginia (such as historical Manassas, Woodbridge, or Fairfax) the rates drop dramatically. These cities are a very short drive into DC and the areas are quite beautiful. Transportation on the Metro, DC’s subway system, makes getting around the city very economical. Many of the museums are free and most activities on the National Mall are also free. For cheap eats, look for restaurants near your hotel. If you choose a hotel outside of DC then it will all be off of the beaten path and far more affordable.


Shanghai – Shanghai has long been one of China’s most affordable travel destinations and that isn’t changing in 2015. Travelers can enjoy extremely inexpensive hotel rooms and dorms, starting at around $10 a night. The food is very reasonable as well. The city itself is safe, so you can walk the streets without fear, soaking up all that the colorful, busy, buzzing metropolis has to offer.


New Zealand – Travelers have been finding their way to New Zealand, particularly after each of the Hobbit films, to enjoy the picturesque country side and tour the Hobbiton movie set. There are so many things to do and enjoy in New Zealand and it is surprisingly affordable. With new luxury hotels opening and events like the Cricket World Cup, the price of accommodations is very reasonable and is expected to remain that way for quite some time.


Bali – Bali is a budget traveler’s dream – with bungalows on the beach at backpacker prices and quite affordable hotels to accommodate just about every taste and budget. Food and transportation costs are excellent as well, and even the Balinese spa treatments carry smaller price tags than in other areas. The affordability makes it easy to enjoy all of the beauty that Bali has to offer.


Traveling on a budget isn’t as difficult as one may think. Actually, you can save money on travel just about anywhere if you follow a little budget travel hacking advice. Travel at off-peak times, look for coupons, specials, and deals before you hit the road, find hotels that are outside of the main city or attraction areas (unless they offer you an awesome deal), eat your meals near your hotel (outside of the main city or attraction), and if you fly, fly on a Wednesday when airfare tends to be cheapest. Most of all, do your homework. Also, use an international calling app like magicJack so that you won’t miss calls to your home phone – they’ll ring on your smartphone. Plus, you’ll enjoy free local and long distance calling and low international rates. Travel can be cheap if you know what you’re doing!