March 23, 2015

Can I transfer or “port” my current land line telephone number to magicJack?

Please click here and enter your number to check availability.

To initiate your port order clicks here to log into your magicjack account and follow these instructions:

  • Click the “Phone Numbers” tab and then “Transfer”. Next click the “Transfer My Number” button.
  • Follow the prompts to submit your transfer request.

We will provide status via email.

Note: Canadian numbers cannot be ported to magicJack at this time.

Why won’t magicJack start on my computer?

Your computer or computer network may block certain software applications in a corporate or work setting. If your computer has been issued to you by your company and you are having issues loading the magicJack and you also have issues loading other applications or programs, your corporate administrator may have restricted your computer from downloading certain software.

Many large companies, such as IBM and Citibank, place such restrictions on computers before issuing them to their employees.

Please try using your magicJack on a different computer that does not have these restrictions.

Does magicJack work with wireless Internet (WI-FI)?

YES. magicJack works plugged into a computer using wireless internet (WiFi).

Can I move my magicJack between different computers?

YES. marticJack is a portable device and may be used on multiple computers.

maricJackmay be used on any Windows XP. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Intel-based MACs. You will not have to register your magicJack again.

Simply plug your magicJack into tye new computer and wait for the software to appear and you will be able to make and receive calls within moments.

Only one magicJack may be used on a computer at a time.

magicJack is ideal for traveling.

You may also want to download the magicJack APP and select that same number as your magicJack of you do not wish to move your magicJack.

Will magicJack work with a Networked computer?


magicJack will work on a computer that is behind a router or on a wireless network.


Still have questions? Chat with a live magicJack Representative.